Ice Cream Party Set Up: Throwing the Perfect Summer Ice Cream Party

Summers are finally here and that means it is time to stay indoors in this scorching heat. But who said there can’t be any fun indoors? Ice creams are your best friends for summers and it only makes sense to invite some friends over and throw a fun ice cream party. As part of our summer party themes and summer party food ideas our guide will ensure this ice cream party gets as icy as it can be.

To start with our summer ice cream party decorations, we need to decide our favourite flavours of ice cream. Use exotic and fruity flavors such as Mango, Berry and Mint or flavors inspired by traditional Indian desserts like Rabri Falooda and Kesar Kulfi. These flavors will not only be refreshing but the stand out element of your ice cream party.

Start by decorating the table with a light-colored table linen and adding a candle for some summery fresh aroma to set the mood. The table linen and candle will make the environment calm and refreshing.

I. Setting Up the Ice Cream Party

We absolutely love these sets of 6 ribbed buffalo check plaid cotton place mats, which are going to add vibrant summer colors to your dining area and set the perfect mood for some fruity ice creams. Made from a soft and durable 5-ply cotton fabric, these mats are fit to host plenty of ice cream parties and protect your table from any ice cream spills. Just imagine a warm summer afternoon, your table adorned with these cheerful place mats, inviting friends and family over for a delightful ice cream party. The bright, summery patterns not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dining space but also bring a sense of celebration to your gatherings. Whether you are serving scoops of your favorite flavors or creating an elaborate ice cream sundae bar, these mats ensure your table remains in pristine condition. Durable enough to withstand frequent use, these mats are easy to clean and maintain, making them an ideal choice for those who love to entertain. Get ready to host numerous ice cream parties and be overwhelmed with compliments on your beautifully set table, with these vibrant table mats.

table mat

II. Add Some Aroma

This cute little Aroma Jar Ice Cream Candle is going to elevate the sensory experience and leave your guests asking for more and more ice cream. With its sweet, soft and luxurious vanilla aroma this candle is the perfect addition to your ice cream party and a great way to make your mouth water. The candle uses the poppy ice cream colors which seamlessly match the party aesthetic and sets the mood for a delicious and indulgent treat.

ice cream candle

III. Time For Some Fancy Bowls

Now that the ice cream is cold and ready to serve it is time to bring out the fancy ice cream bowls. The 6-piece samba crystal ice cream dip bowl sets are a great way to get a taste of different flavors of ice cream. No ice cream party is complete without a selection of fancy ice cream bowls. These bowls look cute yet elegant and are ideal for this party. The bowls are versatile and can also be used for other desserts as well.

ice cream bowl

IV. Using Stylish Cutlery

Enhance your ice cream party experience with this stunning set of six rose quartz dessert spoons. It's almost as if these spoons were crafted specifically for such delightful occasions. Their elegant and sophisticated design will not only elevate the visual appeal of your dining table but also add a luxurious charm to your gatherings.

Using these spoons will make indulging in your delicious ice cream sundaes even more enjoyable. These unique spoons are sure to become a conversation piece, sparking compliments and admiration from everyone at the ice cream party. By adding this stylish and exquisite set of spoons to your event, you ensure that every aspect of your celebration is thoughtfully curated, making it a memorable occasion for all. Scoop up some fun and serve your favorite frozen treats with these rose quartz spoons, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your ice cream party.

dessert spoons

V. Serve!

Finally serve the ice cream using an ice cream scooper. This ice cream scooper has a trigger at the back to make it easier to scoop out even the most frozen ice creams. Serve cold and enjoy the exotic ice cream party!

ice cream scooper


Planning an ice cream party at home has never been easier, with our carefully curated collection of products this ice cream party is going to be refreshing and flavorful. Set the ambience for some sweet treats and a refreshing summer afternoon and enjoy this indulgent delicacy in the hot summers. Host the best ice cream party this summer and wow your friends with exclusive ice cream party essentials available at Dusaan!