Things to Keep in Mind to Use Industrial Style at Your Home

Industrial style is all about a good mixture of sleek modern design mixed with old-world charm with an organic, lived-in feel to create a contrast between materials and textures.

Industrial style refers to a no cluttered décor that is inspired by warehouses, factories, and other industrial structures. Some of the key elements in this type of design are exposed brick walls, metal, wood, and recycled material to create a space that is sleek.

To create this type of feel you should opt for furnishings that have simple designs, natural textures, and neutral colors. Industrial design allows you to create a space that is unique and minimal but with a bold statement. It is also environmentally friendly as it encourages you to use recycled and salvaged materials.

What type of material to use?

Use materials such that are strong such as wood, aluminum, iron, steel, tin, stone etc. Be sure to take advantage of distressed metal elements, wooden flooring, stone countertops and steel beams.


It is always a good idea to mix old and new materials. They help to create a good contrast in the space such as metal and wood. You can use a wooden console table and pair it with a mirror which has a steel frame for an industrial look.


Industrial-style spaces always use neutral color tones such as grey, black and white. To add some depth and mood to the space, you can use deeper colors.

Which shape matters?

Shapes used in industrial design mainly consist of squared lines and blocked shapes which provide cohesiveness in the overall look of the space. You can use rectangular a coffee table made of leather with metal detailing. The use of organic shapes needs to be minimum.

Keep it clutter free

Never over accessorize an industrial space. The whole idea is to keep the space minimal. It needs to be clutter-free and clean.


You can look for large abstract wall art, metal structures, and other interesting objects from the reclaimed yard for eye-catching touches to the space. The mood of the space is supposed to look very cool, and masculine with unique touches.


To elevate your space, even more, industrial lighting is mostly made of metal and often consists of a combination of pendants and lamps. The lighting should be low hanging with wide shades. You can also use multi-directional floor lamps which can elevate the materials and textures.

Don’t be shy to expose

One of the signature elements of industrial design is the presence of exposed pipes and brick walls. This is usually common in the repurposed warehouse which is what inspires industrial design.

Industrial design takes many forms, and the beauty lies in the touch that is given to the space by the decorator.

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