Lotus metal urli - A Traditional way of decoration with a Modern Twist

Lotus Urli is not just a decorative item, it is a story of traditional décor used for centuries and now finding a new place in modern world decoration settings. The metal Urli is considered an auspicious item and is generally shaped with brass, copper, or bronze. This beautiful bowl-shaped vessel is used to hold water and flowers to be a part of Hindu rituals.

Lotus Urli "Popularity"

In modern times Lotus metal urli is quite popular as a decorative piece. Be it for an office or as a hotel lobby center decoration piece or even as an accent decorative piece of a living room, they are in great demand and trending. The traditionally lotus-designed metal urli is used in decoration with a modern twist by filling water and placing beautiful floating candles in them, to hold potpourri or varied decorative treasures and collectibles that one wants to display. They come in various styles like hanging urli, lotus urli, and brass metal-based brass urli.

This is a shot out for décor enthusiasts to invent versatile ideas and styles of using Lotus urli to add a touch of traditional elegance to your favorite space. Whether you are on the lookout for a traditional decorative piece or a modern accent item, lotus urli definitely score high in decoration rating.

Factors worth considering while making a purchase of metal urli:

Varieties: there are several different varieties of metal urli in the market each uniquely positioned with different designs and styles. Kindly check out below some of the most popular decorative metal urli in vogue:

  • Brass urli: Most favorite metal urli used for decoration is brass urli, known for its durability, easy cleaning, and long-lasting shining properties. One can easily check online various revolutionized designs these days. The most popular demand is for lotus urli owing to the traditional look as its essence.

Copper Urli

Believed to have health-benefiting and anti-bacterial properties, copper urli is also in demand as a metal urli option.

Bronze urli

if the home décor look is traditional or vintage themed décor, this metal urli with a rustic look is just perfect for such settings. They come in various designs like hanging urli, lotus urli, etc.

Silver urli

This is definitely a unique luxurious option for decorations at special occasions like festivities or weddings, etc. They are costly as compared to other metal urli options available in market. One can consider the as niche decorative option to give a luxurious look to the decor setting.

Iron Urli

Iron urli is a popular option for outdoor settings as they are durable in harsh weather conditions. Modern-day decoration enthusiasts are plunged into decorating balconies and outdoors equally to have those evenings get together with friends and family. Iron metal urli is a great budget-friendly option.

Tip: Consider the overall decor look of your home or office and choose a metal urli design that complements it. You should also check colour options available in metal urli to give the décor a cohesive look.

A. Pricing The price of metal urli in India is dependent upon size, design, variety and material type.

  • Size and Price: A small-sized metal urli can cost INR 500 to INR 1000. A medium-sized brass urli for e.g. can cost between INR 1500 to INR 3000. A large-sized metal urli as an accent piece can cost upward of INR 5000.
  • Design and Price: The design and craftsmanship also decide the price. For e.g. intricately handcrafted lotus urli can be apparently more expensive than those with simple designs.
  • Material and Price: Needless to say copper or silver metal urli will be more costly as compared to other material metal urli like aluminum or iron.

B. Size and capacity One can shop different metal urli sizes.

Ranging from a few inches to several feet in diameter. Keep in mind the placement location and space availability to decorate a lotus urli or a hanging urli. Do consider the amount of water or quantity of flowers you want to use for beautification and choose an appropriate size and capacity while browsing metal urli online.

C. Usage

We all want to decorate our spaces with decorative items which are a class apart and are a reflection of our personality and the required beautification vibe. One has to keep in mind whether metal urli will be used just as a decorative piece or it is to be used as a lighting medium to hold water with floating candles or as an accent piece to hold fresh flowers.

Tip: The purpose and usage clarity will go a long way in buying the right metal urli for your space decoration needs.

Styling tips to make metal urli as a decoration essential

  • Size choice according to the space, is vital to decorate and style metal urli. A large-sized urli can be a style statement for a living room whereas a small one can adore the bedside or the bathtub corner.
  • To create the perfect calming atmosphere add fresh flowers and floating candles to a lotus urli and unveil the magic.
  • Use metal urli as a centerpiece filled with pine cones, and seasonal flowers for a dining table or coffee table.
  • Use metal urli as a decorative item alongside other decorative pieces on a wooden cabinet or hangers in the living room alongside, candle stands or photo frames, etc. to give that max effect.
  • Experiment with placing metal urli on different surfaces, like side tables, floors, bookshelves, etc., to give your unique decorative touch.
  • Try placing multiple metal urli as an arrangement for a more dramatic effect.

Final word: These metal urli pots come in a variety of designs and materials which can vary from simple to highly ornate with intricate carvings on handles. Browse online at www.dusaan.com and find the best fit for your needs. With proper care and maintenance, these metal urli pots can be a beautiful decorative addition to your space.