Influencer Homes We Love

We’re all accustomed to scrolling through our Instagram feeds admiring influencers homes. Living up to several Pinterest dreams, their interior spaces have the potential to inspire us to transform our own living spaces. Here are 5 Influencer homes we love, and we hope you can seek the inspiration you’ve been looking for, from them as well!

1. Shereen Love bug

Shereen Sikka, popularly known as Shereen Love Bug, possesses a living space that exudes balanced interiors. All the backdrops of her home have been carefully designed. Shereen aimed at keeping the lighting of her home centred around natural light. Our favourite element of her home are the different palettes for each room since they leave no scope for monotony.



2. Malvika Sitlani

Sheltered in a breezy area, with an appropriate amount of natural lighting, Malvika Sitlani opted for a cozy and warm setup for her living space. Sporting neutral colour tones, along with a minimalistic approach, her home interiors have been accentuated with attractive lighting choices. We love the fancy lamps and hanging lights in her living room since they exude warmth.

3. Kusha Kapila

Opting for a multifunctional, decluttered approach - Kusha Kapila’s house has been designed to cater to her and her husband’s schedules. From sensor triggered spotlights to concealed storage units, Kusha’s living space exudes personalisation. Our favourite element of her interior space are the wall hangings. No wall sports more than two paintings, creating a very minimalistic interior space.


IMAGE CREDITS: Sakshi Sindwani’s YouTube Channel: @StyleMeUpWithSakshi

4. Sakshi Sindwani

Taking a modern and minimalistic approach, Sakshi Sindwani’s living space still manages to fit in several traditional elements. Built in a way to allow the right amount of natural air and lighting into the rooms, her home setup gives off a very spacious look. We love how Sakshi has made the use of mirrors to elevate the look of her home, since it adds to the modern element of her living space. With the help of fancy lighting choices and stylish backdrops - Sakshi Sindwani’s living space has become a new Instagram favourite homespace.

5. Dolly Singh:

Opting for an indie look, Dolly Singh’s living space exudes a breath of fresh air. While the presence of sufficient natural air and lighting elevates the ventilation of the room, traditional decor pieces bring out the entire look. Making the right use of colours, Dolly Singh has ensured that indoor plants enhance the colourful furniture and wall hangings of her home space. We love the vintage and bohemian decor elements that Dolly Singh has included in her home, which accentuate the natural look of her home.

IMAGE CREDITS:Dolly Singh’s YouTube Channel: @Dolly Singh

Head over to the Instagram feeds of these influencers in case you’re looking for interior decor inspiration, and create your own instagram inspired living spaces. Happy Decorating!