Summer Living Room Upgrade: Giving Your Living Room a Coastal Touch

With the onset of summers, it is time to switch up the dark colors for some light ones, it is time to add some whites and blues and something more tropical. While getting your living room summer ready surely sounds fun it could be quite a task to find décor items which just seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic. Thankfully we have compiled a list of decorative touches you can add to your living room to give it a costal touch.

Brighten Up Your Living Room

Starting with something which instantly makes the environment light and airy. This gold wire metal frame coffee table can be the centerpiece of your living room and can add a refined and sophisticated appeal to it. With its white marble top and the sleek gold metal stands it can seamlessly blend into any living room and is sure to uplift the ambience of the space.

Centre Table

Adding Some Blue Wall Art

Pair the table up with a blue nautical painting to give beachy relaxed vibes to the space. This abstract painting brings the oceanic colors to the space while adding a modern and luxurious look to your living room. This exquisite painting is more than a piece of décor, it is a piece of art which symbolizes the relaxed and laidback aesthetic of the room, moreover, it is a representation of the personality and tastes of the home owner.

Wall art

A Beachy Time Piece

Perfectly matching the painting, this exquisite blue mother of pearl wall clock is a stunning creation made from a highly durable Agate crystal. This clock is not only a functional timepiece but also a striking decorative element. Its design is reminiscent of a rare seashell which is found on a tropical beach. With its unique and captivating appearance, this clock serves as the perfect styling piece, effortlessly blending elegance and nature-inspired beauty. It is an exceptional addition to any home décor, enhancing the overall aesthetic with its cool and sophisticated presence. Placing this clock in a prominent location within your home will undoubtedly elevate the ambiance, making it a conversation starter for guests. The combination of the blue mother of pearl and Agate crystal makes it a durable and long-lasting piece, ensuring that it retains its beauty and stands the test of time. Its nature inspired design and elegant craftsmanship make it a versatile and timeless addition, suitable for various interior styles. This wall clock is more than just a timekeeping device; it is a piece of art that adds a touch of luxury and refinement to your living room.

Wall clock

Bringing In the Moroccan Element

This set of 5 white and blue Moroccan themed vases is a great way to bring the oceanic vibes into your living room. Their earthy texture makes them look modern and sophisticated while also adding a traditional artisan appeal. Offered in a variety of shapes and designs they can be added to different corners of your living room ensuring that every part of the living room looks unique.

Vase set

Adding the Perfect Picture Spot

The Macrame Swing Chair with its two heart cushions is no less than a beachside picture spot in your living room. The chair has a chic bohemian aesthetic to it, it is strong and durable as well as easy to set up. This chair can easily be the standout element of your living room and a picture-perfect spot for all your guests. It is a place to relax and enjoy the chic Bohemian environment of the room, the heart shape cushions make up for a perfect picture prop for photos which would be cherished for life. 

Swing chair

Feel the Oceanic Breeze

For the final touches to your living room add the ocean breeze blue scented candle to make it feel like the ocean is right beside you. Add some life to your living room with this bird of paradise plant with an ivory pot that matches the bohemian beachy aesthetic of your living room. With a gentle swift of air, the candle and the plant are surely going to make you feel the ocean breeze and set the mood for some Pina Coladas in the scorching summer heat, transforming your living room into a luxury beach house.

Scented Candle
Live Plant


This summer bring the beachy vibes to your living room, with our thoughtfully selected decorative items you can transform your living room into a tropical oasis. The living room is now perfect to host your summer drinks party or just for relaxing on the swing chair enjoying the scent of the ocean breeze candle and admiring the beauty of the Moroccan vases or understated elegance of the gold wire metal coffee table. This is your at home summer escape which is tropical and serene.