How to choose the large artificial plants for your home

There are various ways to décor one office or home and large artificial plants are a great addition to display greenery and add a touch of life to an ambiance. They are needed to enhance the freshness and beauty of a décor setup. Undoubtedly fake plant décor quickly fills the place without worrying about maintenance and continual watering.

Let us make their case stronger by quickly checking why large artificial plants are in demand and should be made a décor choice for your home:

Source of Greenery and life

If you want to bring nature indoors, buy large artificial plants which will make your rooms livelier and spread that needed freshness.

Low maintenance in large artificial plants

Unlike natural plants, big fake plants require low upkeep and can be easily cleaned with wet wipes. One can easily say that large artificial plants look beautiful without worrying about keeping them alive.


Versatility is the key to the increased demand for big fake plants. These large artificial plants come in sumptuous varieties, color options, shapes, etc., to fit the décor style of your home and suitably complement other decorative items, furniture, and overall ambiance.

No Allergies

for those sensitive souls allergic to pollens or plant scentslarge artificial plants are the best bet. All the benefits of natural greenery sans allergies make big fake plants a great choice.


Oone should remember that fake plants décor has limited longevity as they are not real plants. This is further dependent on the kind of material used. If the large artificial plants are made of weather-resistant silk then they may survive for two to three months. If the material of these large artificial plants is synthetic like polyester, rayon, plastic, etc. longevity will be more if they are UV- treated.

To bring low maintenance lush green look to your home let’s check the factors involved in buying these large artificial plants:>

  1. The location creates the difference: The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is where we shall be placing the large artificial plants we wish to buy now- is it the corner of a couch or the vestibule to different rooms or at the entrance of the house, indoor or outdoor balcony set-up. Different spaces warrant different shapes and sizes of fake plants décor. Select the size of the large artificial plants appropriate to the placement space. It should accommodate other décor items and should neither overpower nor should look out of space.
  2. Match the style of décor: We need to ensure that big fake plants should gel with the style of the overall home décor. For instance, for modern trendy furniture and clean lines, large artificial plants with simple and contemporary designs are a perfect fit. In a traditional setup, big fake plants with fuller leaves and a classic look are best suited.
  3. Quality counts: This is like an investment so make sure the quality of the fake plants décor is never compromised. Well-made and good quality large artificial plants can sustain for years maintaining their beauty without looking worn down or cheap.
  4. Check the realism of the fake plant decor: It should be noted that closeness in look to a real plant nullifies the fact that the plant is fake. Imagine buying beautiful silk flower arrangements as large artificial plants and everyone admiring their beauty rather than pointing out their fake look. A fake plants décor with intricate details like veins on petals and properly curled leaves and stems will look more like real flowers than faux flowers.
  5. Size matters: Think about the height and scale while buying a larger-than-life fake green tree for the living room or outdoor balcony or office space. Make sure these large artificial plants do not overpower allied decorative smaller objects in the décor space but still appear substantial themselves.
  6. Pricing: The price of large artificial plants in India varies depending on their material and quality. For e.g. high-quality silk and polyester fabric plants shall be more costly than plastic plants. Moreover, intricately hand-crafted and designed plants with detailed textures and colors are highly-priced. Overall these large artificial plants have a range starting from INR 5000 up to several thousand.
  7.  Consider lighting: Artificial plants look more beautiful with focus lighting and lamps. Before buying large artificial plants one must ensure that there is proper lighting beforehand to have that max effect.
  8. Think about purpose: One must decide the purpose before choosing to buy these large artificial plants so that you buy a befitting fake plants décor to suit your need. Whether to give an elegant decorative look by buying long bamboo shoots or a classic green big fake plants for privacy by placing them between the dining space and sitting space in the living room or near a big window, these large artificial plants are an all-time favorite.
  9. Balance elements: Take into account all elements of décor like furniture, wall color, and texture themes in the space before choosing large artificial plants so that these large greenery and fake plant décor balance the other elements while highlighting their beauty.
  10. Material and longevity: As discussed before the quality of these big fake plants is a major factor in determining their long life span. UV -treated high-quality silk and polyester fake plant décor are a better option than plastic.

Wise word: There are various ways of buying large artificial plants One can visit either a walk-in store or can shop for the best large faux plants from and check discount options and other policies related to delivery, refund, return, etc. Buy the best lush green fake plant décor to suit your home.