Accent Tables: A Stylish and Functional Addition to Any Room

We all agree that accent furniture enhances the character and adds that needed drama to a room while complementing the other room decor. When we love to make stylish and functional changes to our homes, intricately designed beautiful accent tables are the first thing that comes to our minds.

They are a smart choice as accent furniture for any living room, bedroom, or balcony set up for the weekend sit-downs for drinks, and chit-chat when you are with friends and family.

So the first obvious thought is – why buy Accent tables?

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We all love to buy beautiful art pieces, and decorative items when we lay eyes on a new piece in an art shop. We love to hoard and display unique items from our travel trips. These accent tables are just perfect to display those beautiful decorative items, hold aesthetic lamps, display decorative candles, books, etc.


These cute, small, and light weight accent tables are not only easy to move but they serve well for small spaces and when you have the passion to rearrange furniture settings to give a new look. Be it a round side table or square or a tall side table, they all find their place well in the home furniture scheme.

Gives that luxury look

Adding an accent table to your living room is a perfect way to give a touch of luxury to your home. Imagine a beautiful C-Shaped accent table or round side table completing a round sofa arrangement and adding that needed elegance to home decor. Smaller-sized accent tables can add that subtle luxurious touch. By adding a beautiful lamp you can further create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with this accent furniture.

Better organize Living Space

Various styled accent tables like tall side table help to organize the nook of a living room, or bedside by filling awkward spaces thus giving more meaning to the whole look of the room.

Furniture Balance

To balance out the size and scale of larger furniture items, accent tables are just the right accent furniture you need, to complement a sofa or bed.

Let us quickly check accent tables Versatility – in terms of style, design and material used

The most common low-end accent tables are made of plastic, MDF, and mango wood. One can find designer and high-end accent tables in glass, metal, brass, or marble.

They are generally designed to give that perfect fit for that side nook of a sofa or bedside or even serve as a coffee table. Common shapes you can browse online or in a walk-in store are round side table, c-shaped, tall side table, nesting tables, etc. Nesting tables are a great concept as they can be easily stored when not in use.

“Customization is the name of the game here”-even in accent tables, manufacturers love to customize this piece of furniture for their clients so that they can add a unique touch to their home decor. 

Customization is done by adding built-in storage in these accent tables like drawers with attractive nobs to keep diaries remotes, and personal belongings. Sometimes request designs are intricately carved to complement the decor theme of the house

Pricing of Accent Tables- It depends on material size and design

To appreciate pricing better below categorization is worth considering:

  • Economical Accent Tables-This accent furniture is generally made of plastic or MDF, is lightweight, and will suit your budget. They range between INR 500 to INR 2000.
  • High-quality Accent Tables –They are generally made of wooden material, oxidized metal, or glass. They have intricate designs for a unique look and have good durability. They are ranged between INR 2000 to INR 10000.
  • Designer Accent Tables -These marble or brass accent tables come in a high range which can go up to INR 10000 or more.

Additional considerations before making that Right Choice

When shopping for accent tables, it is always good to compare their prices by browsing your selected preferences online. A quick check on the below factors will assist you in making a well-informed decision:

  • Size and shape- Size should be proportionate to the room size, height of other furniture, etc. Also, check the required height and surface textures of the accent tables.
  • Design/style- Styled and designed to complement a Boho look or to add a luxurious touch, the varied styles and designs of accent tables need to be navigated to pick the right one for your abode.
  • Color- Try choosing a trendy color that helps mix and match styling or may complement other furniture pieces. Make sure to choose a texture and finish which supports easy cleaning and maintenance e.g. wooden round side table.
  • Durability- Make sure the accent furniture piece is durable and accommodates your lifestyle.
  • Functionality: Predefining the use of accent tables for your home, for e.g. whether they will be used as decorative accent furniture pieces or for holding articles, will go a long way in making the right choice.

Some styling Tips: Accent Tables

Buying accent furniture does not complete the job but is the beginning of styling your home decor. Unleash your imagination and style your favorite round side table or nesting coffee table by adding lighting effects with a lamp, adding a cute lush green indoor plant pot, adoring them with your latest books, etc.

Imagine buying a tall side table for your living room, to cover the little corner beside the TV trolley and decorating it with a beautiful decorative figure, artwork, or a family picture frame. They essentially complete the look of your decor.

Final word: Wishing to beautify your home with accent tables, navigate the stylish and affordable options at to add that flavor of newness and style to your furniture. Keeping in mind the decoration needs, functionality, and pocket, this accent furniture will add the needed versatility to your beautiful home.