9 Ways To Make Your Space Minimalistic

When it comes to minimalist design “less is more”. With this type of design, you must be intentional and aware of how you decorate. This type of design is about surrounding yourself with the things you love, need, and use and stripping away the excess things.You need to realize that having a minimalist home means being more aware of the items you decorate with as everything should have a purpose, design, and function.

1. Declutter and Declutter

Minimalist home means living with less stuff. If you have something in your home which hasn’t been used in a while, get rid of it. Everything in your home should serve some purpose, aesthetically or functionally.

2. Repurpose what you have

After decluttering, before you throw anything away, try to repurpose some of the pieces you already have.

3. Be Intentional

When you’re buying new pieces of furniture be intentional about it. Whenever you go with a purpose in mind you will end up not buying unnecessary items and cluttering your space.

4. Timeless

When you go and buy new pieces of furniture buy pieces which are well made and times less. These include having furniture items with clean lines and good finishes. These types of pieces will last you longer and will be times less and will never go out of style.

5. Consistency is the key

When designing or decorating a minimalist home, being consistent with materials will make the space look clean, airy, bright, and relaxing. Have one to three materials in mind and keep them consistent in your home but always keep functionality and aesthetics in mind. For Example, you can use lighter materials such as concrete in the background and have a light oak or Sherpa as furniture pieces.

6. Conceal it!

To make the space look clean and not cluttered, conceal the items that you want to store. It can be stored in cane boxes, built-in storage, or containers, this will make the space feel cohesive, airy, and clean.

7. Take advantage of negative spaces

Having a minimalist home means not having each and every space filled with decor. It is the idea of having a clean and clear space that adds to the simplicity of the space and lets the materials speak for themselves. If you have too much negative space, feel free to add plants or art pieces and mirrors to add to the space.

8. A seamless blend

The items in your home should look cohesive and not fight for attention. This is what makes a minimalist home eye-catching. The colors and textures should seamlessly blend and complement each other.

9. Curved furniture and lighting

Having soft curved furniture or pieces with smooth edges is very inviting and can add a lot to a space. For the lighting think out of the box, such as a modern and clean-looking light fixture. This will add an eye-catching element to your space.

For having a minimalist home focus on what you love instead of replicating a design. Minimalist design can be different for each person. To simplify your home, have your own aesthetics and values and take it one day at a time to create the space you love.

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