8 Ways to Decorate the Corners of your House

A lone empty corner in your living space can act like a black smudge on a window. While designing our homes, we’re often left wondering about how to make use of those empty corners. Whether it caters to space utilisation or visual appeal, we bring to you 8 ways to decorate the empty corners of your home. Happy Decorating!

1. Add more seating

Cosy seating spaces in the corners of your house are highly sought after interior elements. Unique pieces of furniture like rocking chairs and L-shaped sofas are often preferred to make optimum use of this empty space.

2. Choose the right lights

Corner lighting elements are essential to add brightness and warmth in a potentially overpowering dark corner space. Hanging light fixtures from the ceiling and tall floor lamps are some of the lighting choices opted for corner interiors.

3. Utilise for storage

Converting empty corners into storage units is always a good way to declutter your space. This could make use of wall mounted shelves or crockery and display cabinets. Bookshelves could also be introduced to transform the space into a reading corner.

4. Create a Green Space

People often prefer decorating with plants - due to their visual appeal and air purifying qualities. The colours of the plants set a refreshing tone to the corner and bring life to the otherwise secluded space.

5. Meditate in peace

Transforming empty corners into meditation or prayer sections is a growing interior space concept. Soothing colours along with cushions and calming wall are a good way to create a tranquil zone. A declutter approach for this corner adds to the restful mood of the corner.

6. Introduce more windows

Installing windows in the empty corners of your living space is often considered to introduce a refreshing aspect to your home. Adding seating to these window spaces also adds to the visual appeal and functionality of this area.

7. Focus on the visual appeal

Focusing on enhancing the visual appeal of the corners instead of adding to the utility is another interior space idea to consider. One can create a display of wall art, introduce an attractive backdrop and even get the walls of the corner space painted with bold colours to add to the aesthetics.

8. Set up a work space

You can choose to transform your empty corner into a zone of productivity. Organising your extra corners with the help of desks and memo boards can create a useful working space for you.