7 Best Kitchen Interior Trends in 2022

While designing your living space, paying attention to the interiors of your kitchen is just as important as the interiors of your bedrooms or living room. A safe haven for all your midnight cravings and cooking experiments - a trendy kitchen is always an attractive sight to behold.

Serving the same purpose, we bring to you the 7 best kitchen trends for 2022:

1. Work with Double Islands!

The Double Islands trend is an attractive choice for spacious kitchen interiors. This includes two kitchen counters, where one counter (or island) caters to food preparation and dishwashing. The second ‘island’ is for entertaining or eating purposes where people can gather around or use as a table.

2. Bring in the wood!

While granite has been the go-to counter choice for kitchens over the years, people are now switching to butcher block countertops. Highly durable in their functionality, these counters bring a rustic and authentic look to the kitchen.

3. Let’s go out for dinner!

Going out for dinner doesn’t have to mean going out to a café or restaurant anymore! People are now moving towards outdoor kitchens for the refreshing perspective they bring into life. While their design and purpose remain similar to the indoor kitchens, taking counters outdoors is enough to transform your kitchen interiors. However, this does require a certain amount of space requirement to be constructed.

4. Vintage never goes out of style!

Similar to home interiors, vintage is a favourite even for kitchen interiors. Vintage seating and antique cabinets are attractive choices to bring a traditional look to your kitchen.

5. Make some room!

It’s common to see people opting for spacious interiors, however partitions are becoming equally important lately. Partitions help create a defined area for the kitchen that separates it from the other rooms, which is often appreciated in instances of large gatherings and parties.

6. Pick the right colours!

Colour contrasts are being popularised as a growing trend. The most unexpected colour combinations like pink and green are often chosen to make the kitchen appear bolder and more appealing.

7. Lose the handles!

To keep up with the growing need of multi-tasking between work and the kitchen, push - open cupboards are now replacing cabinets with handles. These cupboards are known to bring a more streamlined look to your kitchen focused on simplicity and functionality.