6 Japandi Living Room Ideas For Your New House

Japandi living rooms have been becoming an increasingly popular trend for living rooms. Combining the principles of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design, with a striking emphasis on simplicity and minimalism, Japandi living rooms are extremely stylish and modern in nature.

Here are 6 Japandi ideas that you could implement in your living space!

1. Use sustainable and natural elements

Japandi interior design focuses on sustainability and makes use of natural elements like wood, bamboo, hemp, stone and marble for furniture and accessories. These elements help in creating a high quality, sustainable living space.

2. Opt for minimalistic designs

Minimalism is a vital part of Japandi design, thus encouraging a clutter-free living space. Clean and sleek curves are incorporated along with storage units, to avoid clutter creating items from lying around.

3. Make use of Japandi color palettes

Japandi living spaces make use of no vibrant colors and build emphasis on creating a practical interior space. While the roots of any Japandi design lie in the neutral palette, it is not necessary to opt for a strictly monochromatic design. One can choose their furniture in warmer colors to complement the pastel shades of the interiors. It is also a popular choice to add plants for greenery!

4. Choose the right lighting

Since Japandi design principles throw emphasis on creating a practical living space, it is important for the lighting elements of the room to complement the same. Minimalistic pendant lights are attractive lighting choices for these living rooms since they mirror traditional Japanese paper lanterns. Woven lampshades made of jute or wicker can also be incorporated.

5. Focus on the walls and floors

Wooden interiors are the topmost choice for Japandi interiors. From wooden slats or panels on the walls, to solid or laminated wooden flooring, Japandi interiors make judicious use of natural elements. Wooden interiors create a cozy look while simultaneously leaving a bold statement.

6. Throw in textures and layers

Incorporating textures and layers with Japandi designs are known to create a more inviting living space. One can make use of cushions and artwork to create layers. Wooden bowls placed on bamboo mats are common ways to throw in textures to any Japandi interior space.

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