6 Decorating Trends to Avoid/Try Out in 2022

Your home isn’t just a structure of four walls with a roof on the top. It’s a safe shelter to your memories, routines and people. When you put in every single bit of effort you possess into building your homes, there’s always a small voice at the back of your head warning you to not ruin the look of your home, even unintentionally. While it’s important to make sure you set a personalized tone to your living space, there are always certain decorating mistakes that we might stumble upon. So, to assist you in the process of turning your houses into homes - here’s a list of 6 decorating trends to avoid/try out in 2022.

1. Colors

The Scandinavian home decor choice has become a growing favorite among several families. It is known to strike perfect balance between minimalism and clutter - creating an inviting space that exudes warmth and peace. White colors are often favored due to their poised essence, while empty spaces are an instant “no” for many!

2. Fabrics

It is often a smart choice to select the fabrics for the curtains, rugs and chairs in the room before deciding the colour of the walls. This is because selecting a suitable paint colour choice for the wall that complements the room fabrics lifts up the mood setting of the room.

3. Choose the right light

When you’re putting intensive thought into your decoration pieces and wall colours, the last thing you want to take away the essence of your home is the wrong kind of lighting. A lighting choice possesses the potential to either make or break your home look. While fancy lights and chandeliers add a polished look to your room, it is important to make sure that there is plenty of space for natural lighting so that the room doesn’t lose its original essence.

4. Hanging Art - Alignments

When it comes to wall hangings, several designers often get it wrong. An eye level wall hanging looks natural, and appeals more to whoever is in the room. It always helps to add more pieces and play with the height of the hangings until it calls out to you as a balanced interior scale. Bigger art hangings are always a better option!

5. Scale

While it’s nice to accessorize your rooms, too many things can make the room look too cluttered. It is important to buy furniture and decor of different heights to strike a balanced look. An imbalance in the interior scale of a room can ruin the overall look of your room. For example, a small room doesn’t need to be filled up with multiple small decor pieces

6. Personalize

Since home decorating is known to be an emotional experience, it’s always a good idea to include a personalized touch to your home. This could mean including a rug you bought from the trip you went on last year, or maybe a cherished gift from a loved one. Pinterest decor ideas are also a growing and appreciable choice! It is often said that your home reflects your personality, so pour your heart into your home decoration experience.

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