6 Decor Trends of 2023

Home decoration is one of the creative subjects that everyone loves to focus on. From minor arrangements, décor items and using the space entirely to investing on the right décor elements, it is wise to consider the factors that make art and craft decoration exclusive. This modern era of preferences, lifestyle and multiple options for home décor can influence the final outcome, so, let’s pen down some of the innovative ideas for choosing decorative items of art and craft:

1. Gold accents

The biggest trend to come in 2023 which has been labeled 'limitless luxe' is the gold accent decor. This is the concept of 'no limit to luxury' and a great example of this is the focus we are seeing now on beautiful laundry and powder room spaces.

2. Dark Wood

Dark woods can add clear definition to a natural yet rich look — as long as you stick to naturally dark woods, such as walnut, as opposed to light woods that are stained dark. Dark timber also feels very luxurious in the right setting.

3. All White Kitchen

White kitchens are not only about minimalism but also about creating a clear and neutral backdrop for dramatic pieces that can add character to your kitchen.

4. Art Deco Elements

Art Deco design has so much personality! This is probably one of the most challenging design styles to execute. Art Deco consists of three main types: zigzag, classic modern, and streamlined modern. 'Viva Magenta' is a deep jewel-toned hue, the 2023 Pantone color of the year leans very nicely into the Art Deco palette.

5. Floor Art (Statement Rugs)

Rugs offer a convenient and noncommittal way to add pattern and personality to a room. Yes, this will be a big focus in interior decorating for 2023, particularly oddly or misshapen rugs favoring asymmetry. This again leans into our desire for highly-personalized and unique interiors and, of course, maximalism.

6. Homemade Mid-Century Décor

The '60s and '70s have made their way back into favor, and this era is apparent in everything from interior color palettes to furniture and décor. Mid-century decor includes organic shapes, uneven earthy tones, and textural finishes.

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