5 Ways To Get Your Home Monsoon Ready

You know the monsoon is here when you suddenly hear the thundering of the clouds and instantly regret not carrying your umbrella with you. To avoid water dripping all over your house and moisture seeping through your walls, we have brought to you 5 ways to get your home monsoon ready!

1. Pick out Monsoon Mats

It’s always a good idea to take precautions and protect your fancy carpets from the rain for the monsoons. You can switch to mats like bamboo or coir, which are easy to wash and dry. This will ensure that your home decor doesn’t get ruined during the monsoons by storms and wet feet.

2. Check for Cracks

Unrepaired cracks in doors and walls lets the rainwater seep in and cause dampness which can take its own sweet time to heal. Invest in water resistant products wherever necessary to prevent unnecessary damage to home products.

3. Work on your in-house garden

Monsoons are considered to be one of the most visually appealing seasons due to the enhanced green plants all around. Using blinds and sheer fabrics instead of heavy drapes is a good way of allowing more natural light into your home along with relishing the natural beauty around you. Rain lilies, Jasmine and Plumeria are popular plant choices that will thrive in the monsoons.

4. Choose the right shades

It is important to choose the right colours for your living space to create a refreshing sense of calm and peace through your interiors. Extreme light colours like white and pastels and extreme dark colours like black and grey should be avoided since they tend to tone down the liveliness of the room. Shades of green, blue and orange are popular choices for the monsoons!

5. Find your Fabrics

For bedding options, it always helps to go according to the season. Cotton fabrics with traditional or floral prints are an attractive choice for upbeat monsoon beddings. Light fabrics are the optimal choice for this weather since it is a tough task to dry heavy bedding material during the rain.