5 Tricks Interior Designers Swear to Stylishly Design Bookshelves

Every bookworm out there has at least once in their life dreamt of having an entire library in their house. Popular fairy-tale libraries like the one from ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ where Belle danced her feet away has been a dream of many. What’s stopping us from recreating our own bookshelves into their own aesthetically pleasing versions?

Here are 5 tricks that interior designers swear by to stylishly design their bookshelves, so go get that home library of your choice. Happy Reading!

1. Opt for Multipurpose Shelves - The More The Merrier!

With the growing need of spacious homes and organized living spaces, multipurpose shelves are turning into the new go-to setups for bookshelves. They’re easy to move - and can be placed according to your convenience. They also provide the facility of organized storage spaces, so one can turn to their bookshelves for their books as well as storage supplies!

2. Leverage those colours: Paint It Red!

Not literally red, of course! Unless that’s your preference! Colour-coordinated tables bring out the life of the bookshelves specially when the width and height are the same. According to recommendations by experts, darker and lighter shades are known to make it look aesthetically pleasing, as the vibrant shades of the books steal the limelight!


Fill your multipurpose shelves with chic vases, candle holders and more to enhance the appearance of these bookshelves. Indoor plants are also considered to be an optimal choice for setting an attractive tone to your multipurpose shelves.

4. Liven it up with a theme!

Setting specific themes to bring out the look to your living space is an important component of any interior design choice. For example, if your sofa is metallic then adding a metallic frame bookshelf can transform your space into a very attractive setup. Pastel themes and even personalized designs are often preferred to add a personalized touch to any particular living space.

5. Alternating Compositions!

Open shelves are always a great choice but what makes them stand apart are the alternating compositions. For example, instead of having the same colour, one can choose a tinted wall to fill up the space with mirrors as the backdrop. Also adding a focus light at the top of the shelf acts like a spotlight for the books and other decor items.

Your shelf speaks volumes about your preference and personality so make sure you style your shelves with all your creativity!