Pool Party Essentials: 5 Things You Need for a Fun and Memorable Pool Party!

Summers are here and that means it’s time to enjoy refreshing drinks and take a dive in the pool. But what if you were to organize a pool party? Pool party decorations can be quite a cumbersome task. However, we have curated a list of pool party essentials which are going to make your pool parties more fun and well organized.

The Pool Party Must Have

Starting with a set of cotton bath towels made from a soft and premium cotton fabric with quick drying properties these bath towels are perfect for a pool party. Available in a multitude of colors these bath towels feel incredibly soft against the skin unlike regular towels which become rough quickly.

Bath Towels

Store Your Essentials

A pool party also requires a set of baskets to keep your clothes and towels which is why this white and beige square cotton basket is a must have and looks incredibly sleek. Not only does it look good, but it is highly durable and easy to carry around.

Storage  Basket

Laundry in Style

The sisal laundry jute basked collects all your laundry in one place without compromising on the aesthetics. It is stylish and versatile as well as made from environment friendly materials.

Laundry Basket

Keeping Your Space Dry

The patio polypropylene bathmat is water resistant and quickly drying making it easy to dry your feet before entering indoors after a splash in the pool. It is durable and can withstand regular wear and tear making it an absolute must have for your pool parties.

Bath Mat

Add Some Swirl to Your Drinks

Finally, to add a standout element to your pool party these swirl cocktail glasses will make every sip of your cocktail tastier. Not only do they have a tropical aesthetic they also have a sturdy and strong stand making it easier to carry around and sip while on the pool side. These cocktail glasses are sure to elevate the look of your margaritas and mojitos and make your pool party the center of attention amongst your friends and family. Pair the glasses up with a large drink dispenser to refill the fancy glasses throughout the party.

Cocktail Glass
Drinks Dispenser

Snacking Tray

Enjoy some crispy fish n chips or smoky chicken wings while sipping your drinks using our white blossom square serving tray which perfectly matches the pool party vibe. It has an artistic design and is incredibly lightweight thereby making it easy to carry your snacks in the pool.

Serving Tray


This time pool parties will be fun and hassle free. This summer you don’t need to worry about getting your house dirty but just enjoy the party without any stress. Add some pool party games like volleyball, catch the ball and F-I-S-H to have a memorable time.