5 Table Setting Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Inviting guests over for meals is always a task right from deciding the menu and setting up your table. While it sounds like a simple task, there are several mistakes you could make while setting up your table. Here’s why we bring to you 5 table setting mistakes to avoid in 2022

1. Attempt to stay clutter-free

Set your table in a visually appealing manner by placing your cutlery neatly. Try to avoid including extra utensils on the table, since it will cause unnecessary clutter, which might not make you feel comfortable while having meals. Utilise your space wisely by using small plates for side-course meals.

2. Stock up your shelves

Make sure that you have the right amount of utensils for your guests so you don’t run out of any during meals. Before having any guests over, it is important to stock up your shelves, to avoid running out of any important cutlery during meals.

3. Choose a subtle centrepiece

An obstructive centrepiece could make it hard for you to keep up a conversation while maintaining eye contact. Therefore, it’s essential for you to test the height of a centrepiece to ensure it doesn’t obstruct your view of anyone at the table. It is also important to choose a centrepiece that doesn’t occupy too much space, allowing the table to showcase an organised ambience.

4. Take all precautions

While paying attention to the decor of your table, it is equally important to protect it from wear and tear. Make use of attractive tablecloths and placemats to ensure the protection of your tables, from spills and stains.

5. Find your fragrance

In addition to the aesthetics of your dining area, it always helps to add an element of fragrance. Include fresh flowers and scented candles to your table setup for attractive, fragrant meals!

We hope you can make use of these tips and can dodge the table setting mistakes we’ve mentioned here. Hope you have the smoothest meals at your table without having to worry about any other precision worthy details.