5 Sunny state decor

This trend is driven primarily by a need for optimism and joyfulness. In the wake of recession, social unrest and a global pandemic, householders desire to surround themselves with constructive influences and joyful design. Art, colour, shape and materials all feed into this aesthetic of positivity- to find their sunny state!

5 Sunny state decor

Let's look 5 decor items that will rejuvenate your soul:-

1. Raspberry Origami Vase Set

The minimalsitic yet detailed look that it has is unique and attractice. Any dull corner would brighten up with its presence. 

2. Fruits Table Runner & Placemat Set

Woven fabric with jacquared prints are in trend now. We all want our dining table to look impressive, in fact it makes your meal look more colorful and beautiful.  

3. Hot Red Echo Cushion Covers

Using a grid of overlapping circles as its foundation, Echo is a smart play of positive and negative spaces. A design that reveals its own bold shape - unique only to the dot. 

4. Multi-Purpose Cotton Storage Basket

Nothing better than these set of 3 shelf baskets that can amplify beauty to your space by organizing your necessities in a fashionable way.

5. Tablet Rug Premium Wool

An abstract geometrical design with vibrant colors. The design and size of this rug makes it a unique fit for corner spaces. 

These sunny state decor items are self-expressive and inspire optimistic colour and joyful design. It speaks to our inner child, giving an opportunity to design for play. Bold, maximalist homes play with sophisticated combinations of vibrant brights and upscaled graphic stripes and prints.

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