5 Instagram Influencers to Follow if you Love Home Decor

Living in a generation constantly inspired by Pinterest and Instagram, we might find ourselves accustomed to wanting to elevate our home decor according to someone else’s. We bring to you 5 IG Influencers to follow if you LOVE Home Decor, so you can scroll through their feeds endlessly for interior inspiration.

1.Tanvi Agarwal - @Wanderinvogue

Head over to Tanvi Agarwal’s Instagram page if you love all things hippie, boho and colorful. Limited to no specific restrictions, boho interiors are a good opportunity for you to catch the vibe you’ve been searching for!

2. Rukmini Ray Kadam - @Trumatter

If you’ve also been hopping onto the minimalistic home revolution lately, then Rukmini Ray Kadam will be able to provide you with the best of hacks on how to beautify a minimal space using the appropriate furniture and decor choices!

3. Raina - @Theshalomhome

If bohemian and eclectic interior styles are what catch your attention, then heading over to Raina’s Instagram page will be a good idea for you! Evident from her interior styles, Raina can inspire you to put together multiple home accents to create your own unique living space.

4. Mohicka Gupta - @Cozyquirk

Every homeowner aspires to create a warm and inviting living space, for friends and family. For tips catering to the same, Mohicka Gupta comes to your rescue as warm and cosy tones dominate every nook in her home. 

5. Anuradha Kapoor - @Anuraya_by_anuradhakapoor

While several trends find their way in and out of living spaces, the traditional Indian interior look seems to have found its place as a perpetual favourite amongst homeowners. Anuradha Kapoor’s home is a representation of Indian heritage and is deeply influenced by colours, patterns and textures.