10 Ways to Use Fake Plants Décor to Beautify Your Home

From traditional or bohemian vibe looks to ultra-modern interiors, faux or fake plants décor has its own place. Artificial plants, be they small artificial flowers or big fake plants have a special way to connect us with the beautiful natural outdoors. By adding faux foliage or the beautiful fake plants décor, we are definitely inviting the calming benefits of natural flora and fauna into our homes.

Buying and arranging fake plants décor are two different things. Buying the best quality fake plant décor will not ensure the best beautification results.

For best results, one should carefully make their buying choices be it big fake plants for the value added to a living room or to buy small artificial flowers for the charm they bring. Faux foliage, fake plants, or silk plants whatever we choose to call them, they provide a perfect solution to the real plants. They require minimal maintenance and are pet-safe and child-safe. Moreover, they have a plethora of options to choose from, like fiddle leaf fig trees, succulents, ferns, boxwood shrubs and orchids, and lavender bushes- you name it and you can find these green delights easily on any online store.

Golden Question-What are the best 10 ways to beautify home with fake plants décor? Let us explore some workable tips in detail which are bound to add creativity while using fake plants décor to beautify homes:

Tip 1:

Add a pop of greenery by using beautiful fake plant flowers or crotons on shelves, windowsills, or bookcases. Also placing big fake plants near windows with appropriate natural light is the right way to create a cozy nook.

Tip 2:

Imagine creating an accent wall with large-scale artificial flower arrangements in a child’s room will not only bring the essence of nature but this fake plants décor will also give a blooming look to the entire décor

Tip 3:

Selecting a planter that complements the style of the plant will go a long way in creating a style statement. For e.g., an ivy creeper looks best in white geometrically designed ceramic pots.

Tip 4:

Placing an oversized faux tree in a corner of the entrance door or in a corner of the living room brings the needed dramatic effect of nature indoors. The makeover of a room, which fake plants décor brings, is definitely unquestionable.

Tip 5:

Decorating empty corners like an L-shaped corner in a living room or the small corner at the beginning of a stairway with big fake plants will not only add elegance but helps to fill up void spaces in a room.

Tip 6:

Hanging small-sized artificial plants or flower arrangements from ceiling hook is a great idea as fake plants décor need minimal maintenance. One can do it for their balcony decors or can hang them near kitchen windows creating a perfectly natural look.

Tip 7:

Every living room has one central accent table with beautiful decors and small artificial flowers on it for that fresh aesthetic look. Using fake plants décor strategically is an art and as centerpieces on dining spaces or central tables of the living rooms, they go effortlessly giving the chick look.

Tip 8:

Accent shelves can be beautified with small artificial flowers and plants to add that visual appeal. Without a fail, fake plants décor is a great option as it gets difficult to place and maintain real plants on high shelves or on top of cabinets.

Tip 9:

Another area of decoration using fake plants décor like faux Ivy garlands on doorways, staircases banisters create magical cascading greenery around the home as well as saving floor space.

Tip 10:

Mixing different types of faux foliage such as vines, small artificial flowers, succulents, etc. completely can change the decorative dynamics of your home. For instance, it is best to group a mix of small-sized plants arranged in clusters rather than spacing them.  The more you are creative with fake plants décor the better and more unique styling can be done with them. For e.g. when introducing small artificial flowers, one should try arranging them at different heights to give a natural visual look. Also adding additional details like twine, burlap wraps, and fancy colored ribbons enhances their charm.

Above mentioned decorating and styling tips will surely enhance the beauty of your room with fake plants décor arrangements. Also note on special events and occasions, fake plants décor gets a new dimension when they are used in beautiful stage backdrops at a wedding ceremony or a baby shower. The small artificial flowers arranged beautifully coupled with big fake plants at such venues give a fresh and blissful ambiance to welcome the guests.

While one is trying to be at their creative best in using these fake plants décor for beautifying be it for general décor or for special occasionsremember that fake plants décor although can bring stand-alone beautification of space if they are accessorized with matching planters; rightly placed on accent stools or strategic corners; adored by lamp and lighting arrangements; paintings and decorative idols; it will not only enhances their aesthetic value but gives a natural pleasing vibe to the whole décor.

Let us also avoid some common mistakes with fake plants décor like:

  • Invest in low-quality material-based fake plants décor affects their longevity
  • Avoid creating cluttered visual chaos by overuse of fake plants décor. One should be selective and choosy.
  • Inappropriate sizing of fake plants décor makes them look awkward and gives a completely visually unappealing look

Final word: Hope while using fake plants décor these styling do’s and don’ts help you in creating visually pleasing spaces within your home with the green natural look. You can surf online at www.dusaan.com to have a bird’s eye of new stylish designs at their price. Wish you a happy shopping.